1 in 4 workers will have mental health difficulty at any given time, according to Mental Health First Aid England.

Andy Bell is the Chief Executive of the Centre for Mental Health. He has worked for more than 25 years in the voluntary sector, striving for equality and social justice through research, communicating evidence and influencing policy.

In this video, Andy introduces the mental health spectrum to illustrate a scale of emotions that numerous risk factors impact. He further highlights the risk factors present in a workplace and how prevention, early intervention and support from management can help employees with any mental health struggles. By providing these employee support systems, workplaces embed mental wellbeing into their culture and better assist employees with any mental health struggles.

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1 in 4 workers will have mental health difficulty at any time. In this video, Andy Bell, Chief Executive at the Centre for Mental Health discusses workplace risk factors for mental health and shares how organisations can create support systems for employee mental health.

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