Over 600,000 were submitted through UCAS in 2022.

Dave Penney is the Director of Marketing for UCAS, where he has worked since 2019. He looks after all communications and marketing activity to over 1 million students a year, UCAS’ 300+ colleges and universities and all B2B marketing, and UCAS events.

In this video, Penney discusses the latest trends and predicted forecasts for student applications to universities over the next few years. He highlights the need for universities to embrace apprenticeships and degree alternatives to meet the interests of prospective students interested in studying degree alternatives. Concluding, data points are shared for higher education institutions to monitor to understand the best approach with marketing courses and their institution to prospective students.

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Over 600,000 university applications were made through UCAS in 2022. In this video Dave Penney, Director of Marketing for UCAS highlights data points for universities to monitor to continually improve marketing campaigns to help them be more engaging for prospective students.

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