Local authorities are responsible for between 2-5% of local carbon emissions and have influence over more than a third of emissions in their area through their policies and partnerships. Cutting these emissions will be key to achieving the UK’s 2050 Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission target.

Chris Common is the Carbon Neutral Policy Manager at Nottingham City Council where he oversees the delivery of the Carbon Neutral 2028 plan. This plan will make Nottingham the first UK city to be completely carbon neutral.

In this video, Chris discusses CN28, focusing on how the council has engaged with stakeholders in the city and community to support the plan. He shares the importance of measuring impacts and change in reducing carbon to help promote a longer term buy in from these stakeholders.

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In 2021, the UK Climate Change Act established a legally binding target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Nottingham City Council has set the aim of net zero carbon emissions by 2028, exceeding these aims. Chris Common, Carbon Neutral Policy Manager at Nottingham City Council shares how the council have worked with external stakeholders to encourage a long term partnership to achieve these aims.

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