The NHS is responsible for around 20 million tonnes of carbon annually, according to Kingsfund.

Dr Rita Issa is an NHS GP and Research Fellow at the UCL Institute for Global Health. She works extensively on the intersections of climate change and health, at the World Health Organisation, MSF, Greenpeace, the Bromley-by-Bow Health Centre, and as advisor to the APPG on the Green New Deal.

In this video, Dr Issa outlines NHS net-zero targets and breaks down their current carbon footprint. Using this she highlights how change can be made at every level in healthcare to decrease greenhouse gases, using social prescribing as just one example of the positive changes possible.

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The NHS is responsible for around 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. In this video, Dr Rita Issa, Research Fellow at UCL Institute for Global Health breaks down the NHS carbon footprint and discusses how change can be influenced at all levels of healthcare to improve sustainability.

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