According to the Commission on Young Lives, 10,140 instances of child exploitation were recorded as a factor at the end of children’s social care assessments.

Suzanne Taylor is the Assistant Director of Impact – Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation at Barnardos. She is a qualified youth worker with over 20 years of experience working with children, young people and families across a number of safeguarding services.

In this video, Suzanne discusses the challenges in raising public and professional awareness around child exploitation. She emphasizes the need to view cases from an intersectional perspective to understand lived experience and create multi-agency networks with relevant organisations to combat child exploitation.

Here is a selection of a range of other content on GE Insights discussing combatting child criminal exploitation, ranging from written pieces to conference highlights from previous Government Events conferences.

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There were 10,140 instances of Child Exploitation recorded as a factor at the end of a children’s social care assessment. Suzanne Taylor, Assistant Director of Impact, Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation at Barnardo’s discusses the links between Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Criminal Exploitation, highlighting the importance of multi-agency working to combat these harms.

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