Adverse Child Experiences are highly stressful and traumatic events that occur during childhood and adolescence. The multiple disadvantages some individuals face need to be placed in the context of these experiences to effectively support the individual.

Gavin Barker is the Service Manager of the Specialist Team, the Changing Futures Programme at Westminster City Council. He is a UK registered Social Worker, Systemic Practitioner and Compassion Focussed Therapist. As part of Westminster City Council’s team, he helped secure government funding for the Changing Future’s programme.

In this video, Gavin discusses the creation of the Changing Futures pilot scheme at Westminster City Council. He shares how the trauma-informed and compassion-focused service prevents young people aged 18-25 who experience multiple disadvantages, from falling through the gaps in service provision.

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Gavin Barker is the Service Manager of the Specialist ‘Changing Futures’ Programme team at Westminster City Council. He discusses the trauma-informed compassion-focussed service Westminster have in place to support young people with multiple disadvantages and how the service prevents them from falling through gaps in provision.

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