68% of teaching staff reported that their workload was not manageable in a recent survey conducted by TES.

Dr Joana Cardim-Dias is a Senior Researcher for School Workforce at the Education Policy Institute. She joined EPI in October 2021, and prior to this was involved in research focusing on how quality education can reach vulnerable people.

The Education Policy Institute is an evidence-based research institute that aims to promote high-quality education outcomes for all children and young people. In this video, Joana shares practical insights and tools to help support teachers, reducing the time spent on marking and admin to minimise workloads. She highlights the importance of supportive leadership to help improve relationships within the profession to teacher retention.

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68% of teaching staff said their workload was not manageable in a recent survey conducted by TES. Dr Joana Cardim-Dias, Senior Researcher at the Education Policy Institute discusses recent research, highlighting practical insights where schools can support staff to prevent them from being overwhelmed with the workload.

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