The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association is a national charity that supports people living with MND and performs research into a cure.

Peter is currently the Head of HR at the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Peter has led the Association’s response to Covid-19 and is currently leading a team looking at long-term planning and new ways of working. He is also the CEO of the Charities HR Network.  The Network works with the HR teams of over 80 charities across the UK.  In the last year, the Network has directly supported its member charities as they look to navigate the HR challenges created by the pandemic.

Prior to his current role, Peter worked for over 25 years in several HR roles and sectors including in the NHS.  Before joining the MND Association he was the HR Manager for Kier in its public outsourcing division. Peter is a regular commentator on HR practice in the third sector and in 2019 was recognised by HR Magazine as one of the most influential practitioners in the charity sector.

In this session from the Voluntary Sector Management and Leadership Conference, Peter explored the lessons of the pandemic, highlighting that work is not about the place at all. Peter outlines the key benefits of hybrid working and how leaders should now be prioritising the wellbeing of the workforce.

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Like everyone else, the voluntary sector had to adapt to a shift in working style during the pandemic. We heard from Peter Reeve, Chair of the Charity HR Network and Head of HR at the Motor Neurone Disease Association, on why hybrid working is good for the voluntary sector workforce

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