As the largest public sector employer in the UK, the NHS can make a significant contribution to combating discrimination against employees with mental health problems, not only benefiting the individuals concerned, but also having a positive impact on the diversity of the workforce and the services that they provide.

Steve Lee is Head of Staff Health and Wellbeing at NHS England and NHS Improvement. Steve is responsible for the delivery of the health and wellbeing offer for the 1.3 million NHS staff working in England.

They oversee the work of a team of 55 and are responsible for delivering improvements in health and wellbeing across the NHS. Steve’s work has a focus on preventing ill-health and puts in place measures to support line managers, teams, and individuals.  In this session from the Emergency Services Wellbeing Conference 2021, Steve discussed the NHS staff wellbeing offer, as well as the characteristics and benefits

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NHS staff have been under immense pressure, having a significant impact on the mental health of the workforce. Steve Lee, Head of Staff Health and Wellbeing at NHS England and NHS Improvement discussed the wellbeing services for NHS staff as well as the importance of having wellbeing conversations.

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