Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service has drafted a new Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy for 2021-2024 and has engaged with internal and external stakeholders to receive feedback. The Strategy document is currently being finalised and is set to launch in 2021.

Rachel Salmon has worked for Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service for 4 years in a variety of roles but joined the Inclusion Team full time in November 2018. Their current workstreams include positive action, recruitment, and community engagement.

Rachel is passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion and uses their own lived experiences to improve the circumstances of those around them. In this session from the Emergency Services Wellbeing Conference 2021, Rachel shared the importance of diversity in the Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Services, as well as the benefits of diversity in leadership roles within the service.

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Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service recognise the need for equality, diversity, and inclusion to run through every aspect of their Service. Rachel Salmon from Derbyshire Rescue and Fire Services discussed their diversity and inclusion priorities and why creating a diverse workforce is beneficial in emergency services.

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