The Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) is responsible for 40 academies, 32,786 pupils and 5,700 staff. OAT has been recognised as one of the top-performing education providers in the country by Government, placing OAT as the fifth-best in England for primary school performance, out of 153 multi-academy trusts.

Jo Dawson joined Ormiston Academies Trust as their Chief Financial Officer in Autumn 2019. They are responsible for Finance, Governance, Development and Projects. Before joining OAT, Jo worked in finance and transformation roles in a variety of sectors including engineering and professional services. She has extensive organisational change experience. In

this session from The Academy Funding and Finance Conference, 2021, Jo discussed the OAT’s 5-year funding strategy – set in January 2019, as well as ways integrating holistic planning to financial strategy.

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The Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) is recognised as one of the top performing education providers in the country. Joanna Dawson from the Trust shared the OAT’s 5-year funding strategy and holistic methods for financial planning.

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