The Education and Skills Funding Agency have provided additional, targeted support for schools to help with Covid-19 pressures. For example, the £1bn catch-up package for the academic year and laptops and technology support for remote learning.

Tanya Arkle is the Deputy Director of Academies South at the Education and Skills Funding Agency. They have worked in the Education and Skills Funding Agency at the Department for Education for the last four years.

Tanya was responsible for Academy funding in the South West and South East of England, before recently moving to lead the newly established School Resource Management Division. In this session from The Academy Funding and Finance Conference, 2021 Tanya shared the current expectations of the Department for Education over Trusts and their financial returns as well as suggested techniques that have proven effective for making financially efficient schools.

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Covid-19 meant that schools required additional funding to ensure that they were equipped for remote teaching and learning. Tanya Arkle from the Education and Skills Funding Agency discussed the education funding strategy as well as techniques that have proven effective for improving financial efficiency in schools.

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