7.1% of the UK population stated they did not speak English as their main language in the 2021 UK Census.

Hilda Koon is the Assistant Principal at Manchester College. Manchester College are the largest further education college in the UK, their courses have a strong focus on shaping the future of all students, increasing the employment opportunities available to them.

In this video, Hilda discusses the ESOL curriculum model they have in place at the college and how it aims to develop learners’ English language and career opportunities within a personalized, flexible framework. She explains the benefits of providing students with a more holistic learning experience, improving their range of progression opportunities and outcomes following completion of the course.

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7.1% of people stated they did not speak English as their main language in the 2021 UK Census. In this video Hilda Koon, the Assistant Principal at Manchester College discusses the ESOL curriculum they have in place in the college and the benefits of a holistic curriculum for improving career opportunities.

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