In light of the Grenfell Tower disaster, many fire safety issues have emerged, particularly surrounding cladding systems. The financial and emotional impact on residents of buildings with unsafe cladding is significant, particularly where they may be liable for remediation costs.

Rebecca Fairclough is the Campaign Lead at Manchester Cladiators. Manchester Cladiators is a voluntary group representing the residents of buildings across Greater Manchester with dangerous cladding systems and serious internal fire safety issues.

In this session, from The Changing Landscape of UK Building Regulations and Fire Safety, Rebecca presents the work of Manchester Cladiators. The talk also gives a voice to residents and leaseholders in Manchester who have been left struggling to overcome the financial and emotional complications that dangerous building cladding presents.

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The Grenfell Tower disaster of 2017 exposed the problem of dangerous building cladding. Rebecca Fairclough from Manchester Cladiators shares stories from those who are living with dangerous cladding.

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