Since 2016 the Home Office has held policy responsibility for Fire and Rescue Services in England. This includes maintaining a statutory framework within which local fire and rescue authorities in England operate. Additionally, they set out the Government’s priorities and objectives for fire and rescue services in England.

Zoe Wilkinson is the Deputy Director for the Fire Safety Unit in the Home Office, leading on fire safety policy and delivering the Grenfell recommendations. Zoe’s career has focused on delivering policy and legislation within the public safety setting; working in the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Department of Health, taking forward initiatives to reduce crime and disorder and drive police efficiency.

In this session, from The Changing Landscape of UK Building Regulations and Fire Safety 2021, Zoe outlines the most recent fire safety reforms from the Home Office as well as providing insights into the Building Safety Bill.

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The Home Office oversees Fire and Rescue Services in England. Zoe Wilkinson, Deputy Director of the Fire Safety Unit at the Home Office shares the latest updates UK Fire Safety reforms.

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