The Government’s Levelling up White Paper places the regeneration of coastal towns at the heart of the national policy agenda. The aim is to reinvigorate the towns and cities, helping them to thrive as they have in the past. A key part of this in Plymouth has been making residents feel safer in their local areas, collaborating with them to address anti-social behaviour.

Dave Ryland is the Community Connections Strategic Manager at Plymouth City Council. He is responsible for community safety, housing standards, youth service and disabled facilities grants. As part of this role, he has driven forward community safety initiatives to improve outcomes for residents across the city.

In this video, Dave discusses the council’s targeted prevention approach to reducing anti-social behaviour in the North Stonehouse region of the city. He highlights the importance of listening and collaborating with the local community to empower them, making them feel safe in the area they live.

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The Government’s Levelling Up White Paper places the regeneration of coastal towns and cities at the heart of the national policy agenda. Dave Ryland, Community Connections Strategy Manager, Plymouth City Council discusses working collaboratively with communities to empower them to address anti-social behaviour in their local area.

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