The police recorded 1 million incidents of anti-social behaviour in the year ending December 2022, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Mark Fitton is Community Safety Manager at For Housing. He has worked in social housing for 25 years, currently, he is working with RESOLVE ASB to develop future good practice in handling antisocial behaviour cases.

In this video, Mark discusses the development of the community safety officer roles at For Housing and how they have helped streamline communications in anti-social behaviour cases. He shares the cost benefits of having a community safety legal officer in the housing association and uses case studies to provide examples of the support provided to tenants.

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The police recorded 1 milloin incidents of anti-social behaviour in the year ending December 2022. In this video, Mark Fitton, Community Safety Manager at ForHousing shares how the implementation of triage services and community safety officers has streamlined communications in anti-social behaviour cases and provided better support for service users.

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