In 2021 the National Cyber Security Centre alerted that there has been an increase in ransomware attacks on the education sector by cybercriminals.

The South West Grid for Learning (SWGfl) has been at the forefront of online safety for the past two decades, delivering presentations to a wide variety of audiences including schools.

The work of SWGfL has brought online safety to the forefront of public attention, ensuring everyone can develop their understanding of what online safety means in an ever-changing world.

Andrew Williams is an Online Safety and Information Security Consultant at South West Grid for Learning. Andrew is passionate about the use of technology in schools and supporting children, young people and adults with online safety and data protection issues.

In this session from the School Data: Improving Data Management to Drive Better Outcomes 2021 conference, Andrew shared the advice the SWGfL give schools for putting protective barriers around their data.

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Schools are becoming increasingly vulnerable to ransomware attacks. We heard from Andrew Williams, an Online Safety and Information Security Consultant at the South West Grid for Learning. Andrew discussed the tools that schools can use to make their data systems less vulnerable.

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