Swiss Cottage is an outstanding school in the London Borough of Camden. They accommodate children aged 2-19 with diverse learning, emotional, behavioural and communication difficulties, and those on the Autistic Spectrum Continuum (ASC).

The school were dissatisfied with their existing Management Information System (MIS) and database due to its poor analysis and reporting, which put them in a frustrating position with governors and various government departments. They decided to change to a brand-new system.

Vijita Patel is Principal and National Education Leader at Swiss Cottage School. Vijita believes in empowering educators as leaders of learning design.

In this session from the School Data: Improving Data Management to Drive Better Outcomes 2021, Vijita shared why the school changed Management Information System in the interest of the SEND students at the school. They discussed the benefits of reshaping a failing data system and the path they took in doing so.

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Many schools are still using Management Information Systems and databases that are not well suited to the needs of their school. We heard from Vijita Patel, Principal of Swiss Cottage School and National Education Leader. Vijita discussed why their school changed Management Information Systems to better accommodate for the SEND student population.

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