Destination data is any information that is collected on student destinations. This may include the institutions they later go on to attend, what courses and subjects they go on to study, and their eventual employers.

The North East Local Enterprise Partnership (North East LEP) is a private, public and education sector partnership. They are supported by a small executive team that provides collaborative leadership to support the growth and development of the North East economy.

To help young people in the area find career pathways, the North East LEP use destination data to paint a picture of what needs to be done to help young people reach their full career potential.

Neil Willis is Regional Lead Education Challenge at the North East Local Enterprise Partnership. They work to bring industry and education together to improve outcomes for young people.

Tom Gallon is currently the Careers Facilitator at the North East Local Enterprise Partnership. Tom has had several roles at the North East LEP, supporting the regional skills agenda and improving prospects for young people and employers alike.

In this session from the School Data: Improving Data Management to Drive Better Outcomes 2021, Neil and Tom shared how destination data is used to better student prospects. They also discussed the ONE Vision Delivery Plan, a project led by North East LEP.

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Destination data is used to track where students go on to after they leave school. It can be used to understand the trajectory future students will take, allowing schools to amend career guidance We heard from Neil Willis and Tom Gallon the North East Local Enterprise Partnership about how they use destinations data to better student prospects.

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