The Department for Work and Pensions estimates the economic cost of sickness absences to be over £100 billion. Promoting healthy behaviour and equipping employees with the tools to support one another in understanding health problems can help reduce this cost.

Nuzhat Ali is Head of Prevention for the Government’s Work and Health Unit, and National Lead for Musculoskeletal Health at the Department of Health and Social Care. She is committed to developing and designing work environments which focus on wellbeing and inclusion.

In this video,Nuzhat shares how health is everyone’s business, and how encouraging wellbeing strategies benefits the entire workforce. She discusses the importance of supporting those who suffer from ill health so that they are able to thrive in the workplace.

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The department for work and pensions estimates the economic cost of sickness absences to be over £100 billion a year. We heard from Nuzhat Ali of the Department of Health & Social Care about how promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace can build a more productive workforce and improve employee wellbeing

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