34% of students who considered leaving university in 2022 attributed mental health to be their main reason for leaving, according to the 2022 Student Academic Experience Survey.

Dr Laura Brassington is a Policy Manager at the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI). Established in 2002, HEPI are the only independent think tank in the UK whose research is solely devoted to higher education.

In this video, Laura provides an overview of the recent Student Academic Experience Survey, highlighting how the data provides useful insights into the student perspective on many of the key issues higher education is facing. She addresses as well, the need to improve access to university and reduce barriers Gypsy, Roma and Traveller(GRT) students face in higher education; sharing solutions to help them feel more welcomed at university.

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34% of students who consider leaving higher education have attributed mental health as a primary reason for leaving university. Dr Laura Brassington, Policy Manager at the Higher Education Policy Institute discusses some of the recent findings from the Student Academic Experience Survey and how this data can be used to improve student access to mental health services and reduce barriers to all groups entering higher education.

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