The Government Digital Strategy published in 2012, set out how government services will become Digital by Default. The report defines digital by default as:

“Digital services that are so straightforward and convenient that all those who can use them will choose to whilst those who can’t are not excluded”

Phil Rumens is Digital Services Manager for West Berkshire Council, as well as Chair of LocalGov Digital. Phil has worked in Local Government and digital services for 25 years. Phil spoke at the Transforming Technology Services in Local Government Conference 2021 about how Digital by Default is an enabler for change in local government. They provided a historical account of the use of digital technology in local government, highlighting how developments have strengthened services and streamlined workflows.

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In 2012, the Government's Digital Strategy introduced 'Digital by Default' with the aim of embedding digital methods into all local government services. Phil Rumen from LocalGov Digital and West Berkshire Council discussed how Digital by Default has been a driver for change in local government.

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