Over 15% of the UK population are neurodiverse, meaning it is likely that most sizeable organisations will have neurodiverse employees in their workforce.

Nanette Mellor is CEO of the Brain Charity. She has over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors advocating and working for disabled people. The Brain Charity is an organisation who champions neurodiversity and helps anyone affected by a neurological condition to achieve their potential.

In this video, Nanette shares insights into numerous neurodiverse conditions, highlighting both the challenges and benefits these conditions pose for the workplace. She explains how workplace adjustments and a welcoming team can transform workplace practices, suggesting workplaces regularly assess everyday practices to find creative solutions to become a more accommodating workplace.   

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More than 15% of the UK population are neurodiverse. Nanette Mellor, the CEO of the Brain Charity discusses neurodiverse conditions and the benefits they pose to the workplace if accommodations are made to support them. She highlights the challenges that need to be overcome to make these changes and explores the positive impact of assessing workplace practices to ensure recruitment processes are welcoming to all.

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