Diversity & Inclusion

‘We Cannot Tackle Racism Without an Intersectional Approach’: Interview With Cllr Sharon Thompson

Inequality is often understood from a perspective that categorises different marginalised groups, sometimes dividing their experiences and neglecting to see the cross over between multiple identities. In this interview, we discuss the need for change with Cllr Sharon Thompson of Birmingham City Council.

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Sue Liburd Discusses the Women at Work Agenda

We interviewed Sue Liburd, an award-winning businesswoman, mentor, leadership strategist, and chair of several senior business leadership forums on the progress needed to advance the women at work agenda.

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Moving Forward With Conversations About Racial Inequality

Following the shocking events that inspired a resurgence in the Black Lives Matter movement last year, there have been concerted efforts to address racial inequality in our society. Given that we spend the majority of our lives in work, challenging racial discrimination in the workplace is an essential part of this movement.

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