As a result of the pandemic and the disruption caused to schools, the attainment gap has started to widen for the first time since 2011.

Education inequalities have been exacerbated by Covid-19, impacted by school closures and remote learning, the attainment gap has started to widen for the first time in a decade.

St Bede’s Primary Academy has recognised this and is creating bespoke learning packages for individual students, they have also implemented schoolwide strategies to close the attainment gap. Sarah Rostron is the headteacher at St Bede’s Primary Academy. At the Closing the Attainment Gap conference, she shared how constructing a toolkit based on the Education Endowment toolkit helped the school develop approaches to tackle the attainment gap.

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The pandemic posed significant challenges for schools, with remote learning and disruption to learning widening the attainment gap across England. We heard from Sarah Rostrom of St Bede Church of England Primary Academy about how innovative schoolwide strategies can improve support for teachers, enabling them to deliver bespoke learning packages to students to tackle the attainment gap.

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