The gender pay gap among full-time employees in 2022 was 14.9%, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Gillian Unsworth is the Head of Gender and Workplace Equality for the Equality Hub in the Cabinet Office. She has a wealth of knowledge of practical interventions that employers and business leaders can take to create more inclusive workplaces and break down the barriers to enable women to reach their full potential in their careers.

In this video, Gillian discusses the gender pay gap, identifies the driving forces behind it and highlights government legislation working to close the gap. She further outlines the Women’s Health Strategy,  focusing on the 10-year ambition of the plan and how this works to improve women’s experience in the workplace.

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In 2022, then gender pay gap among fulltime employees in the UK was 14.9%. In this video, the Cabinet Office Equality Hub discuss the legislation and national strategies in place to advance gender equality. Building upon this, they highlight the driving forces behind the gender pay gap and strategies being implemented to reduce the gap.

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