A third of LGBTQ+ staff reported hiding their sexuality at work for fear of discrimination in 2018, according to Stonewall.

We heard from Ian Adams, Director of Membership and Stakeholder Engagement at NHS Resolutions, about his workplace experiences, and those of others from the National LGBT Survey. Drawing from his personal insights, Ian provides practical advice and resources to help workplaces become more inclusive for LGBTQ+ employees through learning and development.

Ian highlights the importance of visible straight allies and LGBTQ+ role models to increase awareness and celebrate diversity. He also explores various ways to enforce strong anti-discrimination policies and develop support networks that can further shared learning.

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More than a third of LGBTQ+ staff have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination. In this video, Ian Adams, Director of Membership and Stakeholder Management at NHS Resolutions, shares his personal experiences and insights into how organisations can strive to create more inclusive working environments for LGBTQ+ colleagues.

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