Inclusivity is a vital part of every workplace, and workplaces should champion inclusivity to allow their employees to reach their full potential. It is important for organisations to create open and inclusive workplace cultures to help employees feel valued and to recognise their contributions.

Amy Low is Service Delivery Director at AbilityNet, a technology and digital accessibility charity that supports disabled people to achieve their objectives at home, at work and in education. Having spent 15 years working in a variety of roles within service property and IT services, Amy joined AbilityNet in 2016.

In this video Amy shares why inclusion is integral to the success of every workplace. She also discusses the merits of building a more accessible workplace, highlighting how the entire workforce can benefit.

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Employers need to ensure they have holistic frameworks in place to better support employees. Amy Low, Service Delivery Director at AbilityNet shares how improving workplace cultures can benefit both employee wellbeing and workforce productivity.

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