In April 2022, the Building Safety Act became law, transforming the building regulations sector. The act makes clear how residential buildings should be constructed, maintained and made safe for tenants.

Brent O’Halloran is a Building Safety Advisor at Clarion Housing Group. He is an accomplished housing professional with expert knowledge in building safety and asset management, currently working with Clarion to develop an innovative building safety regime.

In this video, Brent discusses the impacts of the Building Safety Act on the housing sector, notably the requirements of landlords to develop a safety case for each of their higher risk buildings. Emphasising the need for trust between the landlord and tenant, he shares how resident engagement is an integral aspect of developing a systems approach to building safety.    

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In April 2022, the Building Safety Act became law, transforming existing regulations to ensure residential buildings are constructed and maintained safely. In this video Brent O’Halloran, Building Safety Advisor at Clarion Housing shares some of the impacts of the act on the housing sector and the importance of trust between tenants and landlords to deliver effective building safety strategies

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