The Liverpool Sexual Health Strategic Network is developing a new sexual health strategy for the city. They are focused on increasing the uptake of LARC (Long-Acting Reversible Contraception) in Liverpool, as well as developing a reproductive health hub approach in the city.

James Woolgar is the commissioning lead for Sexual Health in Liverpool. He has a wealth of experience working at a local, regional, and national level. He is responsible for designing and commissioning a wide range of services and leads a series of programmes and strategic groups to address sexual ill-health.

He is Chair of the Liverpool Sexual Health Strategic Network, and he leads the work on Liverpool’s HIV and Aids Eradication Plan, pushing Liverpool’s recent bid to declare itself a HIV Fast Track City.

James has led on several redesign and integration programmes and has recently presented at the EHSHCG (English HIV and Sexual Health Commissioners’ Group) to highlight a new approach to LARC in Primary Care which was developed to improve local provisions offered through pharmacies and GPs.

In this session from the Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Conference 2021, James discussed Liverpool City Council’s 3-year vision to increase the uptake of LARC and improve access and choice for women in the area, through a reproductive Health Hub approach.

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Liverpool City Council have developed a 3-year vision to address sexual health problems within the city. We heard from James Woolgar, Advanced Public Health Practitioner and Sexual Health Lead at Liverpool City Council on the logistics of the approach, the push for better contraception rates and the benefits of a reproductive health hub approach.

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