In November 2020, the Charter for Social Housing Residents defined the responsibility of housing associations to provide residents with a high standard of customer service.

Michelle Reynolds is the Chief Customer Officer at Clarion Housing and has over 30 years’ of experience in the housing sector. At Clarion, Michelle is responsible for delivering consistent, comprehensive services to customers, ensuring they remain at the heart of the business.

In this video, Michelle shares how Clarion has developed a victim-centred approach to reports of anti-social behaviour. She discusses the importance of working with partner organisations to support residents and promote community safety when tackling antisocial behaviour.

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Clarion Housing Group is Britain’s largest social housing landlord, providing a home to over 350,000 people across the country. In this video, Michelle Reynolds, Chief Customer Officer at Clarion Housing, discusses their customer strategy and how they have developed a victim centred approach to support residents with anti-social behaviour reports.

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