It is estimated that 1.25 million people in the UK have an eating disorder, according to BEAT.

Paula Blight is the Chief Executive of Somerset & Wessex Eating Disorders Association (SWEDA). SWEDA are a regional charity supporting people affected by eating disorders. Services support those with eating disorders and their loved ones engaged in helping someone close to them with an eating disorder.

In this video, Paula introduces SWEDA and the user-led influence driving the development and delivery of services. She highlights the need for trust between services and respect for those supporting people with eating disorders. Building upon this, she discusses developing joint pathways between services to provide wraparound care for those with eating disorders.   

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It is estimated that 1.25 million people in the UK have an eating disorder. In this video Paula Blight, Chief Executive of Somerset and Wessex Eating Disorder Association, discusses developing joined up pathways between services to intervene early and help individuals recover from their eating disorder.

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