In February 2020, The British Association for Sexual Health and the Terrence Higgins Trust published the State of the Nation report on Sexual Health. This report exposed the groups particularly vulnerable to STI’s, calling on the Government to reverse the funding cuts that have placed tremendous pressures on services and those working within them at a crucial time of need

Dr Michael Brady is a Sexual Health and HIV consultant at Kings College Hospital in London and the Medical Director of the HIV and Sexual Health charity, Terrence Higgins Trust. In April 2019 Michael was appointed as the National Advisor for LGBTQ+ Health at NHS England (NHSE). In this role, he works across NHSE, with the Government Equalities Office, the Department of Health and Social Care and a wide range of stakeholders, partner organisations and the LGBTQ+ community to address health inequalities for LGBTQ+ individuals and improve the experience in the NHS.

In this session from the Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Conference 2021, Dr Brady provided an overview of the State of the Nation report, an overview of the structural inequalities that impact service delivery, and specific examples of sexual health inequalities

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The 2020 State of the Nation Report on Sexual Health highlighted that some groups are disproportionately susceptible to contracting STIs. We heard from Dr Michael Brady Medical Director at the Terrence Higgins Trust and Sexual Health and HIV Consultant at King’s College Hospital. He discussed the scope of these inequalities and the impact on individuals and wider society.

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