Out of awareness that student mental health has been at an all-time low, the University of Lincoln has developed a wealth of digital wellbeing resources for their students. The university offers self-help guides, wellbeing apps, podcasts, support videos and advice and wellbeing workshops.

Tom Wright is Director of Digital Student Life at the University of Lincoln. He has been working at the university since June 2016, focusing on supporting student transition and retention and enhancing graduate outcomes using digital approaches and co-production with students. He was previously Head of Digital Communications and Marketing at the University of Nottingham and, prior to that, worked in digital and web roles for a variety of organisations, including the NHS and Rolls-Royce.

In this session from the Student Mental Health Conference 2021, Tom discussed how the University of Lincoln enhances student wellbeing through facilitating digital peer-to-peer student interaction. He shared their objectives, the challenges they faced and the approach that they took in utilising social media and digital student hubs.

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The University of Lincoln has worked hard to produce digital wellbeing resources for their students, including podcasts and online workshops. We heard from Tom Wright, Director of Digital Student Life at the University of Lincoln who discussed the digital wellbeing strategy of the university, and how they overcame challenges during the development process.

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