65% of complaints brought to the Housing Ombudsman in 2022 were found to have maladministration.[1] Poor complaint handling can impact the trust residents have in landlords, affecting tenant satisfaction.

Jane Porter is the Chief Operating Officer at Optivo. Optivo is one of the largest housing providers in the UK, providing over 90,000 people with safe affordable housing.

In this video, Jane discusses digital approaches they have implemented at Optivo to improve resident engagement and feedback. She outlines how digital tools were co-created with stakeholders and residents to create online services that support all involved in the housing process.

[1] Housing Ombudsman, Annual Complaints Review (2022)

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In 2022, 65% of complaints brought to the Housing Ombudsman were found to have maladministration. In this video, Jane Porter, Chief Operating Officer of Optivo discusses the benefit of digital tools in housing association and how reviewing their complaints services has improved the engagement they have from residents.

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